Our Mission

Too often do students take consecutive language classes in school, put in a halfhearted effort, then proceed to forget the language forever. Several students feel insecure about this but never find the means to reacquire the language, while others simply brush it off, laughing like they did not care in the first place.

Whether due to a shortcoming in the educational system or a flaw in students’ mindsets, or a combination of both, this problem has existed for too long, and it is simply not a laughing matter.

Secondary education emphasizes STEM and the Humanities as core requirements, whereas languages and other electives are relegated as secondary requirements. The issue is clear: languages when taught in school, for the most part, are seen as a requirement to fulfill, a set of classes to overcome, and simply a subject to study – not as a skill to acquire.

Bruin Polyglot Society was created to fundamentally revitalize the way people view language-learning. No longer can students overlook the importance of multilingualism, especially in a globalized world. No longer can students be indifferent to their non-native language and the rich culture that is attached to it. The organization’s goal is to implement unique methods to help students reach their full potential in a target language, especially for their professional careers.